Tooling Manufacture

The thermoforming industry is a diverse industry with a wide range of machine types and variants of the thermoforming process. This is the reason why we produce our thermoforming moulds in house, providing our customers with maximum flexibility and creativity.

At VECOM we have extensive experience and expertise, not only in manufacturing tooling for various machines and processes, but working with the machines and processes themselves. Our tools guarantee high productivity and flexibility and are produced by high speed 3-axis CNC machines and specialist equipment.

Thermoforming tools are produced according to approved final product 3D models. In our tool production department we are equipped from machines for rough cutting all the way to the machines for precise and finishing grinding. By utilizing these machines, we provide accuracy and optimal surface quality. Tools are produced from aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

Not only that we produce our own tools, but we produce tools for our thermoforming film customers as well. Also, for our customers in FMCG sector we produce moulds and tools for biscuits and chocolate producers. Making production easier for them we act like partners in helping them lead the market.