Thermoforming Film

A strategic manufacturing location means VECOM is geographically close to its customer's bases providing a more flexible and reliable source of multilayer APET and PS film with shorter lead times and lower transport costs.

We offer a range of PET and PS products for most food packaging applications ranging from high clarity food packaging and specialist recycling suitability products to non-food applications. All products are available with options such as anti-block by means of the masterbatch.

At VECOM our thermoforming film business is based on core principles of quality, customer service, environmental responsibility and food safety. These principles drive the continuous development and enable us to provide customers with a high quality product to the highest standards of customer service while meeting environmental and legislative requirements.

At VECOM we know the importance of high quality PET and PS sheet for thermoforming applications, both in terms of packaging aesthetics and efficient processing. With non-renewable resources becoming increasingly scarce, the environmental impact of packaging is now a major consideration for retailers, consumers, food packers / processors and thermoformers. That's why VECOM is aiming to use materials that are highly recyclable and applies zero waste policy.

Dimensions we can provide:

  • PET film: thicknesses from 0.18-0.75mm and maximum width 650mm
  • PS film: thicknesses from 0.20-1.80mm and maximum width 660mm

Co-Ex Capabilities To Enhance Appeal

VECOM's multi-layer extrusion capabilities bring new levels of aesthetics and performance to HIPS: high-gloss surface appeal, custom colours or enhanced performance features. PET's high clarity and gloss add consumer appeal, with no odour or taste transmission. Excellent stiffness and strength add impact-resistance to packaging.¬†Fully integrated research, development and extrusion capabilities allow VECOM to engineer and produce exactly the sheet required to meet specific client’s needs.

Complete Resource for PET and HIPS Sheet

VECOM‘s fully integrated facilities ensure superior levels of quality and offer a wide range of PET and HIPS products as well as a wide range of standard sheet specifications to meet your converting applications.

All materials and products we produce, are suitable for direct food contact in line with directives: 2004/1935/EEC, 2002/72/EEC, 94/62/EEC, 2004/12/EEC and SFRJ 26/1983, SFRJ 61/1984, SFRJ 56/1986, SFRJ 50/1989, SFRJ 18/1991