Thermoformed Packaging

Our trays are lightweight but strong and have a low carbon footprint, to help you meet your environmental commitments. Trays can be transparent offering excellent presentation, allowing consumers to see the quality of your products before they buy them or colored to suit overall design that will highlight its quality.

Our thermoformed packaging meets strict requirements:

  • Quality preservation
  • Functionality at minimum material consumption
  • Ecological
  • Competitive price
  • Attractive design

Synergy of all technologies used in closed technological loop at VECOM gives us freedom to say that we are best producers of thermoformed package and film in Serbia.

Thermoforming technology produces high variety of products: cylindrical and others. High mould and machine flexibility ensures that our response to changes is fast and reliable. At your disposal is more than 70 thermoforming tools for biscuit trays, cups, lids...

Industries that use our products are within

  • biscuit and chocolate,
  • dairy,
  • fast food
  • and frozen food industry.

VECOM's expertise in food packaging is well established. Our extensive market knowledge and technical skills will ensure the perfect pack for your needs, whether choosing one of our quality standard containers or utilizing our expertise and creativity to create your own custom-moulded design.

For every project, we pay as much attention to production targets as marketing objectives to ensure your brand is well served from filling and distribution to purchase and consumption.

VECOM can maximize your brand's potential. Contact us to discuss your project in more detail and let us bring your packaging to life.

All materials and products we produce, are suitable for direct food contact in line with directives: 2004/1935/EEC, 2002/72/EEC, 94/62/EEC, 2004/12/EEC and SFRJ 26/1983, SFRJ 61/1984, SFRJ 56/1986, SFRJ 50/1989, SFRJ 18/1991